USA Dance (Redwood Coast) Chapter #4013

Welcome to the home page of the Redwood Coast Chapter ##4013 of USA Dance!

Our mission is to promote the positive effects of dancing and expand the community's dance education. We are an organization that is open to all who wish to participate at any level. We strive to support local social/ballroom dance instructors and dance bands through our social dances as well as promoting ballroom programs in the schools.

Our members are our best advertisers so tell your friends how much fun you have at our events. Ask someone you know to come as your guest and take a dance lesson. Help to spread the word of our events through social media and by taking some of our posters to distribute in your neighborhood.

We are an all volunteer organization and you can help. This can be as simple as arriving early to help put up decorations and set up tables and chairs - or staying a little later to help put these things away. If you are an organizer, join one of our commitees like the 'New Year's Eve Ball' or 'Ballroom in the Schools' committee. Can you put up 5-10 posters? Talk to a board member about your participation.

Our dances are held the third Saturday of each month atalternating venues:
Eureka Women's Club: 1531 J Street and Redwood Raks: 824 L Street (Arcata)

Photo Disclaimer

Photographs or video may be taken randomly during our social dances and posted on our website or Facebook page. If you have an objection to being photographed/filmed, please notify the USA Dance Redwood Chapter board by writing. Lack of written notification implies consent.

FaceBook Policy

USA Dance's Social Media Non-Advertising Policy states that if the post if for the purpose of selling products, services, tickets, etc. and the event is not a USA Dance-sponsored event, then it would be considered advertising and not permissible. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We invite you to make use of this website with a link to more in-depth information about this national organization and chapters at

On the "Resources" page, you will find our local dance instructor addresses and telephone numbers. Please visit and support our local instructors, they are there for you.